January Blues

While the number of my posts dropped in 2018, this year brings hope and the added motivation for me to post more of the ideas that I find interesting and would like to see come to fruition. This entry is full of business ideas that I would like to see happen in Kenya in 2019…… Continue reading January Blues

Healthcare needs a facelift

An app that allows patients and close family to access the medical records – for purposes such as sharing the information to doctors when looking for a second opinion or when travelling to another country as well as use in insurance-related cases. The information will be verified and the parties privy to such information will…… Continue reading Healthcare needs a facelift

Sustainable Efforts for Living

The inspiration for today’s post – that as you can guess, is all about sustainability – comes from a university challenge currently going on about finding sustainable business solutions for African markets. Some of these may be highly impractical and others have probably been done already BUT so has pretty much everything else ever thought…… Continue reading Sustainable Efforts for Living