Fun for the Kids?

Fitbit like device that’s used only for elderly people and those who are going through diseases such as epilepsy – they monitor heart rates and other vitals and if things go wrong, they send a signal to the nearest family member or caregiver. Set up computer science classes for kids during the months they are…… Continue reading Fun for the Kids?


There were some ideas that I keenly remember from the first time I decided to start my idea journal and below are some of those: A food-truck type set up for one-off events (at the start) offering Kenyan twists on popular western dishes. A system that allows matatu conductors to uniquely identify and tag each…… Continue reading Flashback

The Jump – Day 1

The idea of starting a blog hasĀ been on my mind for a long time but there was nothing I felt I would be contributingĀ that would be unique. A few months ago, I came across a video on the web that emphasized the idea of coming up with 10 ideas a day to become an ‘Idea…… Continue reading The Jump – Day 1