Healthcare needs a facelift

An app that allows patients and close family to access the medical records – for purposes such as sharing the information to doctors when looking for a second opinion or when travelling to another country as well as use in insurance-related cases. The information will be verified and the parties privy to such information will…… Continue reading Healthcare needs a facelift


There were some ideas that I keenly remember from the first time I decided to start my idea journal and below are some of those: A food-truck type set up for one-off events (at the start) offering Kenyan twists on popular western dishes. A system that allows matatu conductors to uniquely identify and tag each…… Continue reading Flashback

The Jump – Day 1

The idea of starting a blog hasĀ been on my mind for a long time but there was nothing I felt I would be contributingĀ that would be unique. A few months ago, I came across a video on the web that emphasized the idea of coming up with 10 ideas a day to become an ‘Idea…… Continue reading The Jump – Day 1