Penny for your Thoughts is a blog that covers personal finance topics and business ideas. The posts that are in list format are likely be ideas for products and services.

In the beginning it started off as a mashup of ideas and sometimes the posts are based on a particular idea, industry or problem and you’ll be able to tell by the title (I spend a lot more time than I should coming up with them).

Ideas aren’t worth anything on their own so I hope this collection of lists can help someone come up with an idea or a business of their own.  As for the personal finance tips, I will never claim to be an expert because I AM NOT. I spend a lot of my time reading, listening and watching experts discuss personal finance and therefore I have been able to form my own opinion. Please THINK before you decide to follow any advice I give because you should question everything you read on the Internet (duh!).

I would appreciate any feedback on the comments section or via email farzeenw@gmail.com– both positive and negative (especially negative). I do not claim ownership for any of the ideas or images presented on my blog.