Who Am I and Why I blog

I started blogging as part of an assignment for my Total Quality Management (TQM) class in 2017. It was the second time I was taking the course because I had failed it the first time. It was one of the few times I had to deal with ACTUAL failure in my life. I had dealt it with it before, like not getting into 1 of the 2 universities I applied to and not doing as well in my high school final exams but this was actual failure, or so I thought. It’s fair to say that this experience toughened me up a little and made realize the value in failing and how choosing to get up and continue is what life is basically about.

The assignment in the TQM class was to have a list of 10 goals that we tracked during the course of the semester and how we were making progress on it. It was a brilliant assignment because it taught me the importance of having a goal and being accountable for it to myself. The assignment stipulated that we select a person who will be our accountability partner. The first time I took the course, one of my goals was to write down 10 ideas every day. I was inspired to do this after reading an article by James Altucher promoting his book “How to Become An Idea Machine” and I was hooked. These could be 10 business ideas, CSR ideas, mobile application ideas, event ideas, any idea that I had – I would have to write it down. My end goal was that by the end of the course, I would have at least 500 ideas and may be one of those ideas would be an interesting project to pursue. It sounds easy enough but coming up with 10 ideas every day was hard.

A lot of the earlier posts on my blog were these ideas that I had. I was definitely not posting every day but I tried to post twice or thrice a week. Over the past few months, I thought I would expand my blog to pursue another interest of mine: personal finance. I love reading and speaking about personal finance with my friends and colleagues. I try to read as widely as I can and read about as many different points of views to try. I enjoy reading about side hustles and everything related to the FIRE movement because it gives me a lot of motivation about being charge of my life. I think that’s why I am so drawn to personal finance, because it allows me to plan my life to some extent. There are realistic milestone and things I can track which gives my brain a little tickle.

One thing that I have come to realize is that a lot of the personal finance material I read is oriented to an audience that is living in the developed world and based on individuals that are in very technical careers i.e. engineering and computer sciences track. I am a business graduate, working in the logistics industry in Kenya and compared to pay structure of those areas I make a fraction of those people. The material out there is not really suited for a person in my set of circumstances – we don’t share many common traits except for our age and our willingness to take charge of our financial situations.

Therefore, blogging about personal finance allows me to share my opinion because of the “sweet spot” between the confusion of not having answers to my burning personal finance questions and being able to contribute to a space that I am passionate about and constantly experimenting with. My aim for my blogging is to share the strategies that I use and that can hopefully be copied by almost anyone in the developing world with a similar set of circumstances of mine. I will not pretend that my opinions are well suited for everyone but there are definitely people that may benefit from some of the tips that I share.

I aim to show my readers tangible ways that they can adopt in their own lives to improve their financial health and overall approach to money. But my end goal is to be able to engage with a community of individuals who are comfortable talking about money and feeling financially empowered. We all have so many different feelings associated with money and I hope that I can learn other points of view from people who are honest with themselves about their money beliefs and are able to encourage their fellow humans to to grow healthy, wealthy and wise. It seems a little cliché but the truth is haba na haba hujaza kibaba when it comes to building wealth and I’ve just started my journey and I hope to meet a lot of travelers moving in the same direction.

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