January Blues

While the number of my posts dropped in 2018, this year brings hope and the added motivation for me to post more of the ideas that I find interesting and would like to see come to fruition. This entry is full of business ideas that I would like to see happen in Kenya in 2019 and in the years to come.

  1. A games and gifts e-commerce store that does delivery all around the country. Unlike other websites like KilliMall and Jumia, it’s specific to different types of gifts to be given to people and it has options about how the gifts will be packed and the method of delivery. For this business to succeed it will need to partner up with a reliable courier/delivery service to ensure packages are delivered on time for the gifts. Gifts and games that the website will market will include:
    • Magic mugs – mugs that show an image once a hot liquid is poured into it
    • Darts, board games, card games and toys for small children (less than 7 years)
    • Flowers & care packages = This will require working with florists and perhaps taking a smaller commission since the delivery and flowers itself will made up a big cost.

  2. An online perfume store that stocks international designer brands and more local and African fragrances that perhaps would not get the same attention but smell just as nice and are unique. It would be a great selling point if the perfumes are fair trade or not tested on animals because consumers want to feel socially responsible when making a purchase (or at least that’s what I think).
  3. A specialty stationary online store that sells items such as different sized whiteboards as well as fancy stationary like gel pens, Sharpies and different branded items. Moreover, there could be a cross between #1 and this store to provide custom diaries and calendars as gifts.
  4. E-commerce store that deals with custom fans that when moving they show a picture like a star or a symbol. Apart from that they look elegant and have a light from the middle part of the fan.

    The Luminious Brooklyn
  5. An 90’s themed furniture store selling items like lava lamps, bean bags, pin ball machines, waterbeds and tables made out of cool 90’s memorabilia (like old TV sets). Anyone that walks into the store should feel like they’ve gone back to the 90’s. Even though it is a furniture store, people will be allowed to chill, listen to music (like back in the days when people would listen to records/tapes) before buying and there might be a restaurant too. Basically, a 90’s version of IKEA where you don’t have to fix the furniture by yourself.
  6. A First Aid training company that provides the training on-site at workplaces with all the required tools they need and according to the time available to the client. The company would also be able to adopt the material to teach children (ages 9+) about the basics of first aid training. In addition to children, they can provide the training to nannies and caregivers for the elderly. This would be an alternative to companies such as St. John’s Ambulance who provide the training at their own locations.
  7. A guide to commercial farming for dummies. Packaged as an entire online resource including a blog or website that covers all the basics covered from land identification to the steps needed to be taken before you can plant the seeds. The guide would be a series that deals with different areas such as vegetables, fruit, cash crops, poultry, fish and horticulture. The commercial farming guide will include industry experts and farmers who are doing it successfully and a step-by-step guide for anyone who is interested in starting farming. I don’t really know what it could be BUT I have a catchy name for this resource: Dummy Farmer (see image below to see what the art for the website might look like.

    Courtesy of Slimbolala.blogspot.com
  8.  A business that deals in setting up solar power systems that allow estates to run 100% on solar energy and NOT have to pay the government for their electricity. This would target estates because they often have budgets that are flexible enough that they can afford to carry out such an operation.
  9. Raise funds for farming projects that will not necessarily get loans from banks or even micro-finance institutions. Farmers would have to collect records or their expenses and yields to be able to qualify for loans as well as be able to show proof that they can pay back the loans and some credit history such as M-Pesa loan history.
  10. Gift search engine – A search engine that allows a person to search for gift options after inputting details about the person the gift is for. The details that would need to be given would include but not limited to:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Country of  residence (location)
    • Facebook profile
    • Whether this was the first time a gift was being given to them
      • If not, what have the previous gifts been and what was their response?
    • Interests or job of the person being gifted
    • Price range for the gift



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