Do It (at home) Yourself – DIY

  1. A brick and mortar store selling home medical testing equipment such as blood pressure machines and sugar. It also offers cheap testing and tutorials on how to test at home.
  2. Selling home gardening kits online coupled with tutorials to help beginners start their own garden in Kenya.
  3. An Uber-like app for delivery of care packages and flowers.
  4. An online course to teach high school kids about 3D printing.
  5. An app that allows people to raise funds for their business in exchange for equity in the business. Making investing easier for smaller businesses. The premise is that it is a loan for businesses but if they fail to repay the loans in the stipulated time, the lender may opt for some equity.
  6. Customized clocks in the shape of people’s face. This would make a great gift!
  7. An online auction or day for pet care places that have too many pets to take care off.
  8. An online document storage and encryption website for people to store their sensitive information safely and cheaply. The company comes to a persons’s home and does everything there over a period of a few hours so that the client does not feel like their information may be used elsewhere.
  9. Find a Notary app to get your documents verified instantly.
  10. Jenga blocks made out of recycled materials.

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