A story to tell

1. YouTube channel that is based around how to start a farm in kenya. The YouTube channel will also include advertisements from seed companies and companies that sell farm tools they sell.

2. An app targeted to students learning how to drive that will show them the signs and allow them to do simulations on the model town board. Users will also be given questions that they need to answer in multiple choice to test that theory knowledge.

3. Power banks that are made to look like toys. The value in this is that power banks look very plain but if they look like toys more people might buy them.

4. A portable juicer or blender that can be used by people who sell fresh juice or people that enjoy having fresh juice on the go where they cannot get access to electricity for example when they go camping.

5. A book that collects local african stories about successful business ventures that did not need a lot of money to start off with. Similar to the book the $100 startup it will give people the steps they can take to start their own business.

6. A service that specialises in creating face pillows as party gifts.

7. An online service that allows you to create custom curtains that have pictures on them. Think photo frame on a curtain.

8. Happy hour app- this app tells you about deals and offers that are close to you using your gps coordinates and geo-tagging. revenue will be owned by the commission’s people use when redeeming deals and offers as well as advertising revenue.

9. Photo frames & dust bins made up of recyclable materials. These items are not complicated to construct and can be made from a variety of recyclable materials for better use.

10. A music video shot in Mombasa with the main catch phrase in quotes all I eat is guac.

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