Ideas for the E-World

We live in two worlds: the real world, where we get up each day contemplating how much easier life would be if we could just go back to bed till the early afternoon; and the virtual world, where our ‘perfect’ lives play out on social media like Disney fairytales. This post dishes out some ideas for the people of the Internet, so basically, everyone:

  1. A website that caters for freelance workers in Kenya and around East Africa. Instead of trying to get onto international sites like Fiverr and UpWork, the site will cater to the needs of local clients and workers.
  2. A company that provides customers with solutions to reducing their energy bill by doing an audit of their home or business and then recommending solutions (i.e. solar water heaters or other forms of collecting renewable energy). The company makes money on the setting up and commissions of the products it sells.
  3. A website that allows interior designers to suggest ideas for their clients and the client has to do is take pictures of the inside of their homes and describe the feel/theme of what they would like the designer to keep in mind when suggesting ideas/sketches.
  4. An online business that sells and set ups different kinds of swings in homes. You select the amount of space you’re willing to use in your home for a swing and the websites gives you options and sets up the one you like. This business could easily expand to also cater for children’s toys and play area items like slides and trampolines.
  5. A website selling vintage clocks from around the world. Some people like to have fancy clocks in their homes and this way they get an antique clock with a story behind it. Often times, the story itself should be enough to convince someone to buy the clock.
  6. Customize your own sofa and furniture online. It would allow a customer to buy sofas, tables, chairs according to preset templates while making minor changes to ensure they get a one of a kind furniture piece that they don’t have to assemble and don’t have to chase their carpenter for.
  7. An Uber-like service for computer repairs that caters for businesses.
  8. Online photo frames and photo publishing for customers. They pick the frame and the size and they get it delivered to their homes in a day or two.
  9. A blog or app for Kenyan millenials on how they can save and invest money.  Kenyan  market  is  different from the US and their low rates of  inflation don’t take  into  account the high rates offered  by government  backed  securities such as  t-bills.
  10. Online toy store that sells card games, board games and educational toys BUT nothing that involves the selling of devices. It’s an old school, no-frills type of store.

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