Websites and applications for Kenya

1. Flashcard app that can read out both sides of the flashcard

2. App to calculate how quickly you will get to your savings goal- you input amount saved every month, interest rate and your desired timeline and it gives you options on how to reach it quickly

3. Website to help you fill out your income taxes in Kenya. You type in your information and it generates the spreadsheet you need to upload. Additionally, it will help those who may have a job but also side income that they need to account for.

4. Website that allows you to compare the cost of mortgages and the credit in Kenya

5. Guide on buying your first home in Kenya and how to maximize value for it using all available means. It could be a website that links you to a consultant or a completely online solution.

6. Website that tracks your Nairobi Stock Exchange portfolio and the costs of buying shares and then once the share prices reach a point where you want to sell, it gives you a notification to make that sale

7. App that links tasks (like in Google Keep) and your calendar to your Facebook and other social networking sites so that you can be reminded of your important to-dos on any platform.

8. App to show what item you choose to recycle (including common items like plastic bottles) and what impact it has if you decided to throw it away. An app to educate people about the benefits of recycling.

9. Customized gift bags and bags-to-order for retail stores. All completely online for the Kenyan market (to take advantage of the plastic ban).

10. A virtual reality game (similar to Pokemon Go) for tourists coming to Kenya. It has a map of all the attractions and you collect tokens and capture animals or souvenirs. The whole point is to ensure that tourists visit as many locations. The first one to collect all the ‘tokens’ wins a prize by the Tourism ministry such as a helicopter ride over the islands or a weekend get-away.


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