Healthcare needs a facelift

  1. An app that allows patients and close family to access the medical records – for purposes such as sharing the information to doctors when looking for a second opinion or when travelling to another country as well as use in insurance-related cases. The information will be verified and the parties privy to such information will be able to get what they need at the click of a button.


2. An ambulance-hailing app for patients in Kenya. The patient will have previously  uploaded their medical history and another person is able to access it without any unlock code on the patients phone. They can call for an ambulance, give symptoms, have the ambulance pick them up and rush them to the nearest hospital. The app will also include the patient’s insurance details so that the process is as easy and hassle-free as possible.


3. Motivational apps are being made everyday. There’s some research to show that if you have to make a choice, any choice about doing something or not doing it, it can* motivate you to actually do the thing that you don’t want to to. The app that I propose would be integrated into an existing or new calendar app, which also includes to-do lists. The key functionality would be you type in what task you want to do and a time frame for doing that task. Instead of just giving you a reminder to do it, the app would ask “Do you want to …”. For example if it’s studying , the app would bring up the notification screen, “Do you want to study for your exam?” and give you two options (Yes or No). If you select Yes, there would be some congratulatory message, and if you select No, it would ask ‘Are you sure?” and if you select Yes, it gives you one more window that would include some motivational message and two options that you can choose from (I don’t want to do it OR I will do it).


4. Way back in the day, there was such a thing as apprenticeships. People would pick a trade and spend about 8 years learning from a master and get really good or at least competent in that technical field. We need to bring that idea back but with some space to move around for people to change fields and get a taste for different skills. I suggest creating an internship program for students from the ages of 13-15 and they get a chance to shadow someone in the fields they are interested in over their summer breaks.


5. A service in Kenya that allows people to get rid of their junk, electronic or furniture of whatever they don’t need. The customers are charged a small fee and the items are sold for whatever money that can be gotten from them.

6. A simple online directory of all the qualified and registered doctors in an area. They give their area of specialty, location, working hours, and perhaps an indication of their charges with the following; $, $$, and $$$. It could be called: Doctor4me, doc4u, doco’clock, or something along those lines that is similarly catchy.

7. A campaign for blood donation. Similar to raffles, people would have to  donate their blood to enter into a raffle where they stand a chance to win prizes that have been sponsored by the campaign’s private-donors. The campaign would create awareness to donate blood throughout the year and collect large number of different blood types. Prizes could be redeemable gift vouchers for supermarkets, 1 or 2 night stays at hotels or lodges, discount vouchers for service companies.


8. Mombasa county parking app to be able to pay for parking tickets via M-Pesa or debit card so that incase there are no parking attendants, one can pay for parking for daily or monthly without fear of their car being towed away.

9. A bit of-topic, a Maasai curio figurine that doubles up as a charging station.

Maasai figure

10. An online store that customizes stationary for corporate and for individual gifts.

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