The colour of Capitalism is Green

1. An app that tracks spending and then it evolves as a digital wallet tiving recommendations on what the oerson previously spent on, offering discountd and deals. All this is possible because of previously stored details.

2. A door tondoor waste management company that provides its customers with plastic free disposable rubbish bags and a collection service. The customers can choose to receive the service for free if they sort their trash And are given different bags for different purposes.

3. A self starter guide to farming in Kenya – from small scale to commercial farming. Either in the shaoe of an app or a physical book. However unlike other books, it will touch on ALL farming approaches possible.

4. Stainless steel bottles made from recycled material thsat come preloaded with water filter to ensure that anyond who huys that bottle doesnt have to worry about falling sick from whatever water they use.

5. A way to get free or cheap wifi in a alarge location and sell this service to county governments directly or sell it to individual. Ustomers. Money wont go to mobile service providersnbut into your hands or the hands of the government.

6. A company offering farming training on how to set up a small kitchen gRden that can be grown anywhere in the home.

7. Mosquito nets that are very durable and hard to tear unlike the cheap ones sold. Theyll be made of some plastic !aterial whoch means they can take long to break and somehow theyll be recyclBle.

8. A low cost alternativce to ring and it will alsl offer customers the ability to unloc theirndoors through theirnphones. Making people even lazier than theybalready Re.

9. A low cost inverter that can power many homes using only 1 machine so that costs are shared among homes to power there appliances when the power goes out in a place like mombasa.

10. Tiles that changw colour when in cintact with water or high temperatures.

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