Connecting People

  1. For Car Repair & Garage businesses : Partner up with Car showrooms and give them the option to buy car service vouchers at a slight discount. The car service will be either part of the cost of selling the car or an additional cost to them (but it’s a perk and customers will appreciate something being thrown in FOC). The coupon will be for 1 free car service (the most basic) and is valid for 6 months from purchase. This way the business can get ‘pre-earn’ revenue (Is Pre-earn even a word?)

2. Cryptocurrency to fund government projects – they work like government issued bonds but they hold people accountable & it could minimize corruption. But does cryptocurrency help in any way, with regards to reducing corruption?


3.  County government website for raising issues and petitions so that the issues are there for everyone to see and agree with and give their points of view. Issues will arise in terms of moderation so that responsibility needs to be placed unto a 3rd party with no relation to politicians. That way all stakeholders’ views are considered and issues can be voted on (like a real democracy should).

4. A website that brings together students who are looking for internships and employers who offer internships for students that are legitimate and will allow students to learn the skills on the job and possible employment at that company after the internship is over.

5. A page that promotes Kenya’s most popular tourist attractions and offers discounts to people who book from the page if they share their experience online and “lock” that post.

6. Customized seat covers for cars that can including fancy prints or images that the customer wants on those seat covers.

7. An insurance product that will allow the person claiming it to use a similar product while theirs is being replaced n(for a discounted price or included in the insurance premium). For example if you’ve insured your phone and it has been damaged and is being repaired, you receive a similar phone to use while that phone is being repaired at a low cost or for free. If you damage the second phone than you might have to pay more or you receive a lower spec phone for the time without your main phone.

8. An online campaign to donate gift items for the needy during the holiday months and these will be distributed to local charities.

9. An online pharmacy that delivers medicines on or before time to patients suffering chronic diseases at the required intervals. The pharmacy will also provide products that allow customers to gain access to Ambulance service through a subscription model paid quarterly or yearly.

10.  A TV show or web series that pits families against each other and they have to decorate each other’s homes. They are not told that they are competing against each other but the one that fits the budget and does the best will win a cash prize. It’s like a crossover between extreme home makeovers andand family feud.

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