An app a day keeps the doctor away

  1. NFC enabled business cards so that you could call someone by just tapping on their business card.
  2. An online community of educators in Kenya sharing lesson ideas, localizing foreign teaching practice and a way to present and share information across the nation.
  3. Computer repair service website that allows people to book visits to have their computers checked for problems such as overheating or persistent hardware problems.
  4. An app that tracks how much and how quickly you use up daily items (like bottled water, toilet paper, paper towels, and other goods) and it re-orders the items when they are close to being done. The app send you a reminder to check and see if you want to place the order. It would save people the time to go into the store and ensure that supermarkets truly ‘know’ their customers spending habits.
  5. Meal delivery service that caters to vegan, gluten-free and other diets for people who are too busy to cook. Additionally, instead of pre-cooked meals, customers can choose to order just the ingredients and the recipes for the meals to minimize waste.
  6. Emergency bracelet that can be used to alert nearby authorities. The bracelet would be able to send a signal as well as record and transmit real-time voice recordings and track where the person wearing it is and if they are currently wearing it or if it was removed.
  7. Phone repair service – initially it would be for small issues like a cracked screen or water damage. The customer books an appointment and chats with a service professional and explains the problem. The phone is brought and in a day or two, the customer collects their phone, good as new. A cross between Apple’s Genius Bar and Uber.
  8. Solar solutions – Look at introducing low cost solar energy options to large estates and institutions so that they save money in the long term and minimize their carbon footprint.
  9. Document handling service – we’ll convert all your documents to digital formats and ensure you have backups. The documents will be stored away in a safe organized environment and ready for you to pick up at any time. Customers receive a safe and clutter free way to store their documents. Revenue earned through annual subscriptions.
  10. Custom giant clocks that are easy to transport and foldable. Almost like the intersection of a really large (and cool) painting and a wall clock.

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