Brewing Ideas

  1. Ginger- flavoured energy drink – almost like a mashup of ginger ale and Monster energy drinks.
  2. Diapers that monitor a baby’s vitals while it is on the baby. Wearable technology that can be used by parents to ensure their kids are doing alright and alert them if something is not quite right with their babies.
  3. A TEFL agency set up just for university children who aren’t sure what they want to do but they want to travel the world and make a decent living doing so. The agency will provide TEFL training including the 20 hours of teaching practicum needed for it to be REAL.
  4. Advertising bicycles that go around the city to promote events or offer trials for products or services that they are
  5. Virtual driving lessons offered to people in driving schools and they can practice that way you can save money on buying cars to use and all the other costs related. The driving school would still have to buy a few cars but their costs would be reduced exponentially. Also students would be able to get more practice hours in.
  6. Online training for people who are looking for jobs that deal with how to interview (mock interview) and other aspects of the job hunt. They would have interview either online or over the phone to test you and then send you a report of how you did. This would work well for a subscription period (minimum period would be like 3 months).
  7. Easy to design custom silicone phone covers that delivers in a day or two for whatever phone you own.
  8. A car auction website – an eBay just for cars in Kenya. The cars will be vetted to ensure that they are in good working condition and any repairs that need to be done will be indicated along with quotes of how much. The website will make money by charging a commission to the buyer because they are receiving the car with all the required information and with the knowledge that the car is in good condition. The website will also charge auto repair companies that will send their quotes in for the repairs on the cars.
  9. A furniture company that repurposes old furniture to make new stylish furniture that is affordable and visually appealing.
  10. A fitness business that specializes in experiential training i.e. military boot camps. The idea is that people come together for a weekend or longer and they undergo the conditions, workouts, and diets that would be done by certain people, with the activity resulting in weight loss. This can be on a daily, bi-weekly, weekly, monthly basis depending on how safe the training and dietary are to different people.

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