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  1. An accounting system for SMEs – use it on your tablet or phone to set up and open source. Or rather an entire ERP software for SMEs that is small enough to cover the basics while still being useful to the users.
  • will it improve tax collection anywhat?
  • Why would businesses want to switch?
  • What are the benefits to the companies that use it?

2. E-payment system that allows for people in Kenya to send money from one account to the other in the space of a few seconds. This would also work from accounts to other people’s M-Pesa (if they don’t have a bank account).

3. A portable mosquito repellent. Currently, the models we are sold here involve us plugging in the device into the electric socket and loading a refill of the liquid. With a portable unit that has an automatic switch that will turn off once the unit is too hot or has been left on for too long. It should resemble an x-mini speaker in size and run on either electric charge or batteries.

The X-mini thumb sized speaker would be the ideal size for a portable mosquito repellant device

4. An app that finds “fundis” for people for things such as tailoring, plumbing, and carpentry and other such services. Kind of like an Uber for skilled labour.

5. Textbook selling website that buys up people’s textbooks at universities that do not provide textbooks and sell it to the freshers or other students that need those textbooks.


6.  Online platform to buy and sell collector’s items in Southern and East African region such as stamps, currency notes and souvenirs and the like.

7. Printing service that’s completely online and does delivery to a person’s door in 2 days. Whether it’s printing business cards or banners, it’ll be done quickly and the work is started as soon as the payment is processed.

8. An uber-like app for pharmacies to fill people’s prescriptions (for drugs that need a doctor’s prescription – the customers take a picture of the prescription and the pharmacy will validate that prescription). This will give the customers the drugs they need at their homes.

9. An online course for Kenyan students about the Capital markets authority and how the stock market has fared since its inception. Along with expert investment tips and strategies from proven investors. Localizing investment advice for Kenyans and it does not have to be limited to students but anyone who wants to understand the Kenyan stock market.

10. A website that locates all exercise classes (i.e. Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, etc.) near you and the details such as the instructor (brief bio), the location, the prices as well as exercise services around such as gyms, pools, and dance studios.

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