Who said it’s in the game?

  1. A weekly FKF (Kenyan football league) highlight show with all the results, goals, and key moments. As well as narrating how the season is going and in-depth interviews with players, coaches and past legends. This would build excitement and would attract newbie fans as people don’t have the time to watch each and every game at the start. This show would be accessible from YouTube so people don’t have to tune into TV stations to watch it (who even does that anymore?).
  2. An app that makes flashcards for you – all you have to do is copy and paste the body of text you wish to create flashcards for and the app makes the flashcards for you and can even make practice tests for you. Does this have anything to do with AI? 
  3. A TV Game show that’s about football trivia. A participant will give information such as their favourite and worst teams and in one round they’ll have to answer questions on both.
  4. Online store that sells agrovet material and all farming tools – sort of like a Jumia just for Farming with guides and blog posts about farming in Kenya.
  5. Double sided ties – patterned on one side and more formal (solid colour) on the other.
  6. Sandals that are made from recyclable material (like tyres) but are super comfortable and it’s good for the environment. Plus, it creates jobs for those who make it.
  7. Range of haircare products – shampoo, conditioners, leave in conditioners, styling gels – for people with dandruff and dry scalps. Unlike H&S, it will be chemical-free and an organic solution to the product.
  8. Plastic bag collection drive in Kenya (since the ban is starting soon) – the bags will then be sold or recycled in a way that can generate revenue.
  9. A website that compares medical, house and other types of insurance cover offered in Kenya. It gives you all the relevant information and you can use a tool to find the rates of covers you might be looking for by inputting your contact information and the different providers will send their prices.
  10. Waterproof light switches so that you never get electrocuted coming out of the bathroom or if you forget to wash you hands.

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