Fun for the Kids?

  1. Fitbit like device that’s used only for elderly people and those who are going through diseases such as epilepsy – they monitor heart rates and other vitals and if things go wrong, they send a signal to the nearest family member or caregiver.
  2. Set up computer science classes for kids during the months they are off from school and teach them basics and then do fun project using Raspberry Pi like games or mini robots

    Kids playing with a Piper Raspberry Pi kit
  3. Online service in East Africa where people are able to upload items they wish to publish such as single hardbound novels they’ve written, or photo-albums at low prices.
  4. Daycare services especially targeting large companies where employees may have children that need to be taken care of.
  5. A cable that turns any AUX port into a bluetooth transmitter. You plug the aux cable into an old ipod or a car stereo and you can either play songs on the stereo or play the song from the device onto another bluetooth source (such as a bluetooth speaker).
  6. Online service that makes custom photo frames.
  7. Buy and sell used furniture – basically like flipping furniture (includes making small repairs if need be) and making a small profit. Instead of buying from individuals, it offers consumers the benefit of knowing that the product they receive will not be rotten or of poor quality.
  8. Book exchange website in Nairobi – sell advertising space to places like TBC, and other book and stationary stores once the website has a large number of visitors.
  9. Portal where private companies can get small or large items quoted so that they are receiving the best prices for what they need. Think government tenders website but for firms instead. But, is this really efficient and helping said firms in any way or just dragging the whole thing out?


  10. Keychains that are shaped into animals that are dying off in Kenya (i.e. White Rhino) and sell them online and in large stores. The keychains are soft and cushioned and have no sharp ends so kids can carry them around and collect them. Portions of profits go to supporting the conservation of those animals.

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