Buy Kenya, Build Kenya

Buy Kenya, Build Kenya has become a tagline for a number of companies in the country. I can’t necessarily I agree with the economics of it all (what theory is this again? Mercantilism) BUT I like the IDEA of it. Kenyans, especially middle and higher income individuals have this idea that imported is ALWAYS better than made right here in Kenya, except for a select few. Below are some ideas that follow suit:

  1. Kenyan version of Etsy for kenyans (and east africans) to buy hand-made items from other kenyans without the inflated prices that are seen on Etsy.
  2. Constructing an education program for kids (13 and under) about farming at home and gardening. Food security still remains an issue in kenya and there has been a resurgence in families having their own gardens in the backyard. Teaching kids the essentials might stir an interest and apart from helping out in the garden, it can lead to future generations keeping this useful habit too.
  3. A men’s online shaving store offering high quality chemical free substances delivered to customers in Kenya (Nairobi first, then branch out to other cities). Similar to dollar shave club but for Africa.
  4. A website where people are able to rent BBQ supplies such as grills, meat forks, knives, tupperware to store marinated meats, charcoal briquettes – these come as a kit and the meat can be bought from a butchery too. Making it easier for people who don’t want to buy all the equipment to have BBQs without the hassle of having everything they need and no need for cleaning up too.
  5. Lockers in malls for people to have a convenient and secure option to keep their bags safe while they shop in different stores. You pay a flat fee?
  6. Hats made of recycled material – a portion of sales goes to environmental conservation in Kenya
  7. An app that kids would have to download on their device and then have to do their homework on, the device than keeps tabs on location (to see whose close by and it can catch cheating) and kids are able to leave questions about their assignments if they don’t understand something so the teacher can get back to them instantly.
  8. An african short stories blog where young, up and coming writers post their short stories and a selected bunch get published. This could be done over a period of a month, similar to novels being written in the month of October.
  9. Recycle old pairs of jeans to make bags of all kinds. Denim is a sturdy material and can carry a decent load.
  10. Adding monitors and car screens in Ubers and then advertising on those screens.



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