Sustainable Efforts for Living

The inspiration for today’s post – that as you can guess, is all about sustainability – comes from a university challenge currently going on about finding sustainable business solutions for African markets. Some of these may be highly impractical and others have probably been done already BUT so has pretty much everything else ever thought of so far.

  1. Biodegradable cutlery – made out of gelatin – to minimize plastic waste that occurs as a result of using plastic cutlery for in-flight meals
  2. Water gallons (used for water dispenser – 18.9L) : For them to be made out of recyclable material that is hard enough to withstand a fall without leaking & is easy and cheap to manufacture (and recycle continuously).
  3. Paper-like wrapping material for food items sold in stores that usually come in the silver packaging.
  4. Books made from recycled paper – sold to schools as they use a lot of exercise books. This will encourage recycling and show the evidence of recycling to students. The challenge is that a lot of recycled paper is not very easy to write on. If the quality can be improved, it could be worth looking into.
  5. Office stationary made from recycled materials (similar to idea above).
  6. A rating system for the greenest companies according to their respective Industries in Kenya. The rating system will be used to show the company’s commitment to being eco-friendly and there will be rewards for each industry. The idea is to build a more eco-friendly nation by improving business practices.
  7. Tanks that collect methane gas from cow manure to power lights in cities that don’t have full-time access to electricity.
  8. Shower attachment that reduces water wastage by adjusting itself over the course of a person’s shower so that the longer the shower goes on, less water is coming out. It’s adjusted so that a person doesn’t use more water than is necessary.
  9. Picture frames made out of recycled material (similar to the one below).

    Picture frame made out of bottle tops (Source: Pinterest)
  10. Binding cover material (clear plastic sheet) made out of recycled material such as cassava starch (used as an alternative to plastic bags in several countries).

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