A Day of Games & Service

  1. Entirely collapsible table tennis table (just the top part) that can double up as a functional piece of furniture (as seen below)

    Instead of having is as a separate table – one side can be used as the TT table and the other as an ordinary table top
  2. A website with an interface like Google Maps which tells people about the ways people can volunteer to help around. Almost like a CSR Map – inviting people to volunteer at institutions such as orphanages, old-age homes, underfunded hospitals (for cleaning) or even schools.
  3. Laptop skins that have a whiteboard surface on the back where one can write reminders and they don’t have to open the laptop or even like a black-board surface.
  4. School supplies drive – either physically in schools or online – when someone wants to give away their school supplies (bags, pencils, crayons) they post the ad for what they want to give away. That person then receives a response from a school that is willing to take those supplies and goes to collect said supplies or the person drops them off.
  5. Wallpaper-like substance that can be attached onto walls and has two adhesive sides. One can also write on either side with a whiteboard marker and erase it easily. The adhesive should be non-toxic and not leave the walls or items stuck unto it with a sticky feeling.
  6. Sticky notes that are different colours – as you use more and more the colour gradient i.e. from light yellow to dark yellow
  7. Yoga mats made out of recycled material – these mats are sold at Yoga studios (and gyms)
  8. Bags and accessories such as toiletry, sunglasses cases, tablet cases, water bottle covers, bags that hold food containers – made out of african print recyclable materials

    Accessories having similar prints would look good and have a high demand in Kenya
  9. Platform for catering services – it links customers and sellers – customers will pay the entire amount to the platform and upon receiving the order as per their liking, the rest of the payment will be given to the seller. Should there be any mix up – the supplier will just receive the deposit. Sort of like Uber for catering service  except there are categories of food; customers can see the ratings and reviews of sellers and their price range.
  10. Ability to write a short note when bookmarking an item on your browser i.e. If you bookmark an item for shopping, the note could read “Would make a good gift for X” as well as the ability to remind you to check a specific bookmark at a certain point i.e. to check if prices on an item has reduced after a few days or not.

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