Safari Ideas et al.

I’ve been away for a days (on Safari at the Mara) and apart from my first post, I’ve been just as negligent as my past efforts regarding noting 10 ideas down. I do, however, have some ideas that were a product of some of the situations I faced:

  1. Find out the perfect day or week to go on Safari (using previously collected data about sightings) and then have special tour package. The perfect week will be a marketing campaign for tour companies as a way for visitors to believe they will get the ultimate Safari experience by seeing all the animals.
  2. Drones around National Parks to follow large herds of animals and record their movements. This will help the tour companies – to get to animals quicker and more accurately. Drones should also help monitor animal population, collect relevant data and a way to combat poaching.
  3. Virtual Reality theatres in Malls that focus on significant tourist destinations in Kenya and around East Africa – this has been done in the Dubai Mall.
  4. An app extension that shares notes and highlights of e-books for students and others reading the book and wanting to see what people found to be important and paid special attention to.
  5. A mobile app that gets rid of all distractions such as Cold Turkey
  6. Food Map of the World project – getting recipes from all over the world and each recipe depicting the town or city it originated or was adopted by. The recipes will then form part of a database that will be distributed online as a subscription model for people wanting to learn and cook new cuisines on a regular basis.UTxMM7b
  7. Creating refresher courses for students at USIU – who have to sit for their placement exams. If the refresher courses become part of the admissions process, then more students will be prepared for their placement exams = less students will fail those exams and have to do the really easy classes.
  8. A book of the month (specifically selling books written by Kenyans or East Africans) to promote the reading of local content and understanding local perspectives.
  9. Uber-like application that will allow people to do last minute gift shopping for things such as chocolates, alcohol bottles, pens, perfumes, gift cards, small electronics, etc. Options will include engraving, gift-wrapped, and delivery. Make money off the commissions from sales of third-party items.
  10. A single platform to hold reservations in any restaurant in and around Nairobi. A person wanting to reserve a table will pay a minimal deposit fee that will be reduced from the final bill BUT if they do not show up and are given a call to confirm – they will lose their deposit.

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