There were some ideas that I keenly remember from the first time I decided to start my idea journal and below are some of those:

  1. A food-truck type set up for one-off events (at the start) offering Kenyan twists on popular western dishes.
  2. A system that allows matatu conductors to uniquely identify and tag each customer and their pick-up & drop-off points so that a separate printer will print out a fair receipt of what they need to pay – should help to harmonize rates across Nairobi.
  3. An application that targets ambulances in Nairobi. The goal of the application will be to provide the quickest possible route from the scene and avoiding traffic hotspots where the casualty was picked up from to the hospital the casualty is being taken to.
  4. Toys for special needs children in Kenyan schools. Special needs children are often neglected and don’t receive the same facilities provided by the government (as primary education is free but not equal across the country). The toys will form part of a larger organization that will work in tandem with other East African countries to provide toys and learning resources for special needs children across the continent for the governments of those countries – who will be the primary customer.
  5. Haircuts for the Homeless – CSR initiative for companies that will help clean up the streets of the city (literally). In addition to the haircuts, the people will get the chance to have a bath and receive some clothes and shoes to wear.
  6. An Uber-like application where people input their groceries or shopping list and the day they want it by. Nearby supermarkets then reply to that request with their price + delivery and the individual chooses where to buy it from.
  7. Technology recycling website – People donate old technology products i.e. old computers, laptops, TVs and mobile phones. The old technology is repaired and donated to an organization that will best use it or its sold to companies that will buy it. The people giving away these electronics will have the satisfaction of clearing their homes, reducing their carbon footprint and most of all, helping an organization in some shape or form.
  8. Skin care product line that are made from all natural sources with little to added chemicals. A select portion of profits go to the upkeep and wages of the community that helps make the products.
  9. University themed website for Kenyan universities. The Buzzfeed of Kenyan colleges with content being created by members of these communities in the form of articles, videos, reviews, etc.
    • It would include listings of apartments near different universities
    • Events going on around different schools
    • Lecturer rating section
    • Shopping page – for students to purchase and receive their products at a time and place convenient for them
  10. An Art exhibition that targets the Homeless of Nairobi – pictures depicting the life: struggle, happiness and interesting stories. All money raised will be used to help job-training and finding sustainable ways to keep the homeless people safe (first and foremost) and find them a way out of their homeless status.

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